Serie NORI

Bellows-type Globe Valve

Nominal diameter: DN 10 – DN 200
Nominal pressure: PN 25/40

Main applications:
▪ Process engineering
▪ Chemical industry
▪ Petrochemical industry
▪ Sugar industry
▪ Heat recovery systems
▪ Boiler feed applications
▪ Nuclear power stations

▪ Tapered valve disc, replaceable
▪ Two-piece stem
▪ Back seat
▪ Back-up gland packing with follower
▪ Position indicator
▪ Outside confined bonnet gasket
▪ Materials free from non-ferrous metals
▪ EC type-tested (Module B), component mark TÜ.A.-209
▪ Exterior coating: blue RAL 5002
▪ The valves meet the requirements specified in TA-Luft (German Technical Guidelines on Air Quality Control, VDI 2440).
▪ The valves satisfy the safety requirements of Annex I of the European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC (PED) for fluids in Groups 1 and 2.
▪ The valves do not have a potential internal source of ignition and can be used in potentially explosive atmospheres, Group II, category 2 (zones 1+21) and category 3 (zones 2+22) to ATEX 94/9/EC.


• Casing: P250 GH (1.0460) or GP 240 GH+N (1.0619+N)  
• Valve disc: X 39 CrMo 17-1 (1.4122) / P 250GH (1.0460)  
• Bellows: X 6 CrNiMoTi 17-12-2 (1.4571)  
▪ Throttling plug
▪ Valve disc with GYLON gasket (240 ℃ max.)
▪ Balanced plug from DN 125
▪ Locking device
▪ Travel stop
▪ Studs and nuts of A4-70 (low-temperature steel)
▪ Oil and grease-free (wetted parts)
▪ Stellited seat/disc interface
▪ Seal-welded body/bonnet joint
▪ Leakage detection hole
▪ PTFE-encapsulated gasket (300 ℃ max.)
▪ Serrated gasket (PTFE or graphite coated)
▪ PTFE gland packing (300 ℃ max.)
▪ Dried for chlorine applications
▪ Upper section with single-piece non-rotating stem for mounting electric and pneumatic actuators (DIN ISO 5210)
▪ Electric actuators
▪ Pneumatic actuators
▪ Position switch(es)
▪ Other flange designs
▪ Other butt weld end versions
▪ Other socket weld end versions
▪ Inspections to technical codes such as TRD/TRB/AD2000 – German Steam Boiler / Pressure Vessel Regulations – or to customer specification




serie nori, Faltenbalgventil


Technical Data Sheet:

Serie NORI

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